Brian Goodwin

Brian is an educator by trade and sports writer at heart. If he can convey something beyond sports in his writing, then that’s even better. Real life is crazy, and sports can offer a necessary getaway. Life is real; sports is not real. But we should try to do all we can to enjoy both – most times it’s just so much easier to enjoy sports.

Brian takes his writing seriously, but not himself. He watches sports, listens to sports, and reads about sports. In his writing, he tries to get his feelings across while attempting to open his readers’ minds to all viewpoints.

And what’s writing if you can’t have a conversation about it? He openly welcomes feedback and my readers’ thoughts. Brian loves opening a conversation and he loves jumping into and furthering a conversation; but he never wants to end the conversation – because where’s the fun in that?


Please contact Brian with comments and feedback on Twitter @brian22goodwin.

And for more, visit his website at


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