David Bote Back to Iowa for Additional Rehab Following Dizzy Spells

David Bote was supposed to have been activated last week, but he was shelved after experiencing dizzy spells. Now that those have subsided, he’ll head back to Iowa and could resume his rehab as early as this weekend. The utility infielder has not played since the end of last season due to offseason shoulder surgery that was expected to keep him out until some point here in June, so he’s still more or less following the projected timeline.

This setback, however, is awfully convenient timing for a club that loves to kick the can down the road when it comes to more permanent personnel decisions. Unless Clint Frazier is involved, that is. Please don’t take that as me questioning the veracity of Bote’s reported issues, it’s just that the Cubs seem to find ways to prolong roster moves by just about any means necessary.

In other injury news, Wade Miley and Nick Madrigal apparently do not have any structural issues and need only rest and recover until it’s time to come back. In Madrigal’s case, a little R&R in Des Moines might be just what the hit doctor called for. Jed Hoyer just hopes Miley can stay healthy enough following his next activation to be traded.

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