Massive Wrigley Field Sportsbook Starting to Take Shape

I don’t think this is what they mean by “It’s Different Here.”

The massive DraftKings sportsbook at the corner of Addison and Sheffield is starting to take shape, with a steel skeleton extending out from the Wrigley Field façade. This is the crown jewel of the reported $100 million partnership the Cubs signed with the gaming giant back in 2020 and it will be open in time for next season.

My only question is will enough people have to scratch their gambling itch so badly that this will become a draw even if the Cubs aren’t? Wrigley isn’t close to selling out even when the Cardinals come to town and the team may yet see another selloff that removes more big names and fan interest. Barring a very aggressive offseason and a hot start, it’s hard to imagine things being any better in 2023 than they are now.

There’s also the optics issue, which, combined with the Ricketts family’s futile pursuit of Chelsea FC, continues to sour many on the team’s leadership and direction. And that’s to say nothing for Governer Pete or other political endeavors.

As strange as this sportsbook looks and perhaps feels, it’s entirely likely it’ll end up being just as innocuous as other previously reviled additions like the videoboards, outfield advertising, and Andrelton Simmons.

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