MLB Execs Believe Giants Are Favorites for Seiya Suzuki

I’m going to keep this very short because it’s become clear at this point that no one really knows what’s going on with Seiya Suzuki. Or maybe it’s just a matter of the news void providing way too much blank space for rumors and speculation to run wild. It reminds me of one of my college professors, the late Dr. Frank Luttmer, whose delayed acknowledgement of a student’s answer would often lead to them talking themselves into a sprawling response that said nothing.

One recent report out of Japan had the Cubs among of group of four expected favorites for Suzuki that also included the Mariners, Giants, and Padres. Perhaps most interesting was that the Yankees and Red Sox were written off because their spring sites are in Florida. However, a conflicting report indicated that a deal with Boston was all but done and was just waiting on the lockout to end so it could be finalized.

Now comes word from Peter Gammons that “the GM consensus right now is the Giants get [Suzuki] ahead of the Mariners.” It makes sense that West Coast teams would have a leg up, with Seattle possibly having an advantage simply because of another Suzuki’s time there. The iconic Ichiro was nothing sort of a revelation and probably turned a lot of young Japanese players into Mariners fans.

One other wrinkle here could be the teams’ pursuit, or lack thereof, of the versatile Kris Bryant. The Giants didn’t seem to be actively trying to bring him back, while the Mariners have long been seen as a great fit with the appetite to fill their now-vacant third base spot. San Francisco may be more in the market for a full-time outfielder, which could have them pursuing Suzuki with greater intensity.

The Cubs certainly don’t seem to have a strong chance here, but maybe they’re flying under the radar and can sneak in there despite their perceived geographical disadvantage.

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