Clint Frazier Excited to Join Cubs, Escape Yankees’ Grooming Policies

I’m sure a lot of Yankees fans and maybe even others actually like the team’s grooming policy that outlaws facial hair and long locks, but I think it’s a stodgy and antiquated dictum upheld by people who like the smell of their own farts. In any case, new Cub Clint Frazier appears to be digging the notion of ditching his razor and letting his ginger glory shine.

Just imagine if he’s able to get back to the level of pre-MLB flow he showed off at the Futures Game in 2016. That look alone has got the makings of a cult hero, even if his play doesn’t quite get back to the same promise he showed back then and also during the shortened 2020 season.

Concussion issues curtailed what was expected to be big production in the Bronx, which is why the Cubs were able to pick him up for next to nothing. It’s also why not every Yankees fan was sad to see Frazier go, like this Random Man who was subsequently bodied after a snarky comment.

I like this guy already. And yes, in case you felt like pointing it out, it is a slow news day. That’s how lockouts work.

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