Reader Poll: What Should Cubs Do This Offseason?

13 Questions for Armchair GMs

Rather than spend a few thousand words telling you what I think the Cubs will do over the next few months, I wanted to give you the chance to tell me. Below is a series of 13 questions about whether and how the Cubs will attack the winter. Who should they sign, will they spend big on elite free agents, how many games can they win next year?

This is by no means a comprehensive list, especially given all the work that will need to be done on the roster, but it should be a little fun. Keep checking back to see how your responses match up with the other 10 or so people who will read this.

Apologies, but the polls are not showing up on mobile. Working to correct.

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For more context on this, check out this piece on the idea of acquiring Eric Hosmer and/or Wil Myers as a means by which to get prospects from the Padres.

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