Watch: Luke Hagerty Displays Filthy Movement on 95 MPH Fastball

You’ll be forgiven for harboring a little skepticism when it comes to Luke Hagerty’s ability to pitch again at nearly 38 years old after more than a decade away from pro ball. But dude averaged around 97 mph at a recent pro day, which is what led the Cubs to re-sign him nearly 17 years after selecting him 32nd overall in the 2002 draft. And it’s not just the velocity, or the fact that it’s coming from the left side.

As he displayed on social media Sunday, Hagerty generates some filthy movement . The arm-side run on these 95 mph heaters has me thinking some very unclean thoughts. It also has me thinking about Hagerty’s chances of making good on what is easily one of the most improbable comeback stories in recent memory.

And if he can do that with the fastball, just think of what the breaking ball — which mimics the same run — looks like. Oh, he’s got a changeup too. Now it’s a matter of keeping those pitches near the plate on a consistent basis, something he wasn’t able to do in his first go-round. But if those yips are cured, Hagerty is going to be really fun to watch.

Speaking of, here’s the Twitter version of the video just in case you’re so captivated that you need to see it again in another medium.

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