Watch: Yu Darvish Cuts Fastball Loose in Slo-Mo

Yu Darvish appears to be at full-go as spring training approaches. He has been posting videos of his progress on Instagram and just started throwing from the mound in mid-January. His effort level seemed pretty high right from the start, even when he characterized his bullpen session as “light.”

Now he’s back with another video, this one a slow-motion shot of his fastball. Even slowed down like that, it’s clear Darvish is really cutting it loose and that his delivery is smooth. And yes, I understand that it’s just one pitch in a highly controlled environment, but it’s still a very positive sign.

The caption here probably makes a lot more sense to someone who can read Japanese, but here’s a very rough Google translation for the rest of you:

4 seam It was a little rough. The ball is good. I thought that I could cut down the form checkpoint a little more. To myself. Just flight from just as it began in February. You only have to start raising spring training.

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