Wrigley Construction Update: Field Looks Like World’s Largest, Most Awesome Child’s Playset

Much like Chicago’s interstates, Wrigley Field and the surrounding blocks have been undergoing a series of perpetual upgrades and alterations known as the 1060 Project since the end of the 2014 season. Some of the images of the work have been jarring, like when they tore out all the seats behind home plate or had nothing but dirt on the field only days prior to the home opener.

The fine folks at Wrigley Aerials have repeatedly made us wonder how the ballpark can possibly be ready for Opening Day. That’s probably because it won’t be, at least not completely. But it’s really just a fraction of the concessions booths that won’t be operational, nothing too crazy.

In an scene befitting the holiday season, the most recent post WA snap makes the ballpark look like the world’s largest playset. Trucks and cranes and cement mixers are lined up across the outfield like so many Hot Wheels or Tonka toys. Now let’s just hope the warmer weather holds out so the sandbox stays open for a while longer.

At the same time, it would be nice to have snow for the holidays. They’re probably well ahead of schedule as is, so a little of the white stuff won’t hurt things too much. That’ll have to take a backseat on my list for Santa, though, because all I want for Christmas is Yu.

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