So…About that World Series Game

Even as I type this from the breakfast nook in a Holiday Inn Express in Akron, I still can’t believe I spent last night at Game 1 of the World Series. The result certainly wasn’t what any of us would have liked and I’m struggling with the notion that I should have saved my money and watched from my hotel. But then I realize that I can never again go to the Cubs’ first World Series game in most of our lifetimes.

The atmosphere was charged in the hours leading up to the game, helped along by the Cavaliers’ opening night and championship banner being raised across the street. I had some great interactions with Indians fans in a bar near the park and then even more once we got inside. A father and his daughter were there after she’d purchased face-value tickets by guessing the activation code online. Supporters of both teams were giddy and smiling and everyone was walking around with their respective heads in the clouds.

And then the Indians scored and the happy-go-lucky vibe became a fart in the wind. I only got flipped off once, though, so that was good. A guy walked by and informed me that the Cubs suck, so I told him that was a cool story, bro, and he fired me the bird.

Those bad vibes were easily outweighed by the good, as I hung out and discussed the game with Jon Strong from Cubs Kingdom. Our collective belief that the Cubs were about to break through didn’t really help them to overcome the behemoth that is Andrew Miller. We sat in silence as the stadium around us exploded in response to Roberto Perez’s home run. And then we remained in the park until a police officer kindly told us it was time to leave. I just wanted to sop up any of the rest of the feelings from the game any way I could. Maybe I should have taken the free rally towel after all.

As I look back on that, I think the magnitude of the situation will finally sink in further. For now, though, I just want to see the Cubs assert themselves in Game 2 and beyond. I’ve got a funny feeling my experiences Tuesday night will look better through rose-colored glasses.

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