Best Video Yet of Kris Bryant’s Moonshot

By now, you’ve probably already seen Kris Bryant’s epic, game-tying blast off the video board about 250 times. But you haven’t seen the best shot of it until you’ve seen it through the lens of Jack Twyman (jktwy on Instagram). Seated just behind home plate for last night’s game, Twyman captured the moment in perfect slow-motion glory.

This is absolutely incredible. The angle, just slightly offset from the plate, allows for a beautiful view of the pitcher’s delivery and then of Bryant’s buttery swing. I’m not sure whether or not Twyman adjusted the colors at all, but the darkening sky provides excellent contrast for the comet that jumps off of the bat.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about it though is the fact that the ball was hit so high it actually leaves the frame, which is a considerable feat given the scale provided by the vantage point here. I apologize if this renders you unable to continue with your prescribed daily activities, but I just had to share it once I became aware of its existence.

I dare you to watch this only once.

Kris Bryant deep to left field @spennigar @bradmgilligan

A video posted by Jack Twyman (@jktwy) on

Wow, that’s nice. Wait, what are doing reading this? Get back to the video!  


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