The Rundown: Win Streak Snapped, Wada Up, Schwarbombs Away, Premature Baez Rumors, and the Unrequited Glory of Swineapples

Faithful readers will realize, and perhaps be disappointed by the fact that, I have been writing the last few Rundowns in Bryan’s stead. That shouldn’t be the case for much longer though, as your usual steward of the Cubs’ day in review should soon be returning from being laid low by illness. I understand there may have even been a trip to the ER involved.

In that, Bryan was not alone, though I wish I could say it was me who was under the weather. Sadly, my family had the distinct pleasure of spending a few hours at IU West with a little girl who had been unable to hold anything down for about 12 hours. I hope you’ll forgive me then for the brevity of this Rundown and the potential lack of detail therein.

Cubs can’t find 7th heaven

All good things must come to an end and so it was the Cubs finally dropped their first game in front of the newly-renovated bleachers, falling 3-0 to AJ Burnett and the Pirates Sunday. Burnett, who has toyed with the notion of retirement in each of the last two offseasons, looked nothing like a man whose time in the game is drawing nigh.

He’s really only a two-pitch guy, rare for a starter, but when you get the results Burnett does, you don’t need more than the heater and the curve. The fastball has lost a few ticks over the years, but can still touch mid-90’s from time to time.

There’s quite a bit more that could be said about this game, but I’m not the one to say it.

Wada you looking at?

In a move that pretty much everyone saw coming, the Cubs called up Tsuyoshi Wada to take Travis Wood’s spot in the starting rotation in San Diego on Wednesday. No corresponding roster move has been announced yet, but I can’t imagine Brian Schlitter is long for Chicago.

Baez pulled early, sparking rumors

Javier Baez was pulled prior to the conclusion of the game between the Iowa Cubs’ game in Oklahoma City, sending many jumping to the conclusion that he was going to be recalled to Chicago. No one wanted to believe that the move was really something so simple as a routine double-switch, but it appears that’s exactly what it was.

Kyle Schwarber continues to make a mockery of the minors

Knowing that I’d have a day off of work on Friday, July 3rd, I planned a little father-son road trip to Tennessee to see the Smokies play. I was hoping to see Kyle Schwarber, but if he’s still in AA by that point something is terribly wrong. This might sound like heresy to some, but this kid appears every bit as ready as Kris Bryant was.

Schwarber blasted two more home runs in the first game of a doubleheader against Jackson on Sunday, bringing his season total to 9. I suppose there’s more for him to learn behind the plate, but all he’s learning at it right now is how to abso-freaking-lutely dominate.

Other notes

*Either Kris Bryant is feeling sick too or he was auditioning for the chance to join the starting rotation, as he was unable to make it through the 5th inning. The Cubs said he was under the weather and suffering from dehydration, so this shouldn’t be a big issue moving forward.

*In addition to the obvious difficulties with my evening as it relates to my daughter, I missed out on the opportunity to enjoy the supreme gastronomic indulgence that is the swineapple. A cored pineapple stuff with pork, rubbed in BBQ seasoning, and wrapped in bacon, then smoked for several hours, this was to have been my dinner. I had even created a twin stuffed with curry chicken. Good thing I like leftovers.

*Giancarlo Stanton is just an absolutely ridiculous destroyer of baseballs. Three of the top four and four of the ten longest home runs hit in the majors this season have come from Stanton’s bat, and his three longest have all been hit in the last week.

That’s the baseball equivalent of the swineapple, my friends.


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